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Dog Control Service

Emergency/Urgent out of hours contact number:  07850570763 (Coleraine Borough Council only)

(eg biting/sheep worrying incidents)

Coleraine Borough Council Dog Control Service

"Promoting Responsible Dog Ownership through Education and Enforcement"

Dog Trust Free Microchipping Roadshow

Dog Trust Free Microchipping Roadshow Monday 7th July 2014 - Thursday 10th July 2014 Download here

Enjoy the Great Outdoors: A guide for responsible dog owners (pdf)                                                                 

Dog Licensing

1. Dog Licensing                                                                                        



2. Dogs Available for Adoption

    Click here to view Graham’s Re-homing Centre Facebook page



Dog Fouling

3. Dog Fouling



Stray/Unwanted Dogs

4. Stray/Unwanted Dogs 

  5. Tail Docking
6. Microchipping  



7. Neutering



Attacks on people / livestock

8. Attacks on People/Livestock



Breeding establishments

9. Breeding Establishments 



Barking dogs

10. Barking Dogs



Dogs on Beaches

11. Dogs on Beaches  



Dangerous Dogs

12. Dangerous Dogs

































































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