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Dog Warden Service

Emergency/Urgent out of hours contact number:  07850570763 

(eg biting/sheep worrying incidents)

Coleraine Borough Council Dog Warden Service

"Promoting Responsible Dog Ownership through Education and Enforcement"

Enjoy the Great Outdoors: A guide for responsible dog owners (pdf)                                                                 

Dog Licensing

1. Dog Licensing                                                                                        



2. Dogs Available for Adoption

    Click here to view Graham’s Re-homing Centre Facebook page



Dog Fouling

3. Dog Fouling



Stray/Unwanted Dogs

4. Stray/Unwanted Dogs 

  5. Tail Docking
6. Microchipping  



7. Neutering



Attacks on people / livestock

8. Attacks on People/Livestock



Breeding establishments

9. Breeding Establishments 



Barking dogs

10. Barking Dogs



Dogs on Beaches

11. Dogs on Beaches  



Dangerous Dogs

12. Dangerous Dogs

































































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