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Dog Control Service

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Coleraine Borough Council Dog Control Service

"Promoting Responsible Dog Ownership through Education and Enforcement"

Dog Control Orders

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Dog Control OrdersThe Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act (NI) 2011 became law in Northern Ireland in April 2012 and introduced a number of new powers for district councils to deal with environmental issues. The Clean Neighbourhoods legislation part 5 refers to the use of Dog Control Orders to deal more effectively with irresponsible dog ownership.

These Orders introduce certain additional controls over dogs in public places and aim to deal more effectively with dog fouling, nuisance dogs and the protection of children and others using our public spaces and facilities.

Dog Control Orders generally apply to public land that is open to the air and can be made by district councils provided the order is a justified and proportionate response to problems caused by the activities of dogs and those in charge of them.

The penalty for committing an offence contained in a dog control order is a maximum fine of level 3 on the standard scale (currently £1,000).  Alternatively, the opportunity of a fixed penalty of £80 may be offered as an alternative measure to prosecution.

Coleraine Borough Council has made the following named Dog Control Orders which come into operation on 1st March 2015:

The Dogs on Leads by Direction (Coleraine Borough Council) Order 2014

In all public spaces in the Borough, a dog owner may be required to place their dog on a lead by an authorised officer of the Council.  This will occur where the officer believes that such restraint is reasonably necessary to prevent a nuisance, or where the dog’s behaviour is likely to cause annoyance or disturbance to any other persons or animal.

The Dogs on Leads (Coleraine Borough Council) Order 2014

Dogs are required to be walked on a lead on all cycle/shared use paths, Council owned cemeteries and burial grounds and Council owned caravan parks.                                                                                        

The Dogs Exclusion (Coleraine Borough Council) Order 2014

Under this order, a person in charge of a dog will be guilty of an offence if they take their dog into, or permit it to enter, any of the play parks, managed playing fieldstennis courts, bowling greens, MUGA pitches and Council owned golf courses specified in the order.

Dogs are excluded from parts of the beaches from 1st June - 15th September annually.

The Fouling of land by Dogs (Coleraine Borough Council) Order 2014 

This order applies to all land which is open to the air (classified as being open to the air on at least one side) and requires anyone in charge of a dog which fouls, to clean it up immediately. The order shall not apply to registered blind or partially sighted persons or someone who has a disability affecting their mobility, manual dexterity or physical co-ordination.


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