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“Currently under construction”


To contact one of the Policing and Community Safety Partnership team please Telephone:


Coleraine Office 028 7034 7031

Ballymoney Office 028 2766 0257

Ballycastle Office 028 2076 2225

Limavady Office 028 7776 0304


Elected Members 2015/16

Cllr. William Blair

Ald Frank Campbell

Cllr. Brenda Chivers

Ald Sam Cole

Cllr Sandra Hunter

Cllr William King

Cllr James McCorkell (CHAIR)

Ald Tom McKeown

Cllr Gerry Mullan

Cllr Kieran Mulholland


Independent Members 2015/16

Miss Leanne Abernethy

Mr Jason Balmer

Ms Roisin Brown

Mrs Sharon Burnett

Mr Rory Donaghy

Mrs Ann McNickle

Mr Anthony McPeake

Mrs Ashleen Schenning

Mrs Caroline White