Information Seminars


Content of Sessions (6 x 1 hr sessions)
Week 1

Police Matters
Powers and responsibilities of Door Supervisors
Search techniques + practical
Powers of seizures of drugs, offensive weapons
What force can be used and when becomes assault
Conflict resolution using communication skills - use of talking, not force!
Co-ordinator:- Sergeant Mark Stevenson, PSNI Coleraine

First Aid
Incident management relating to drug overdose
Effects of overheating, alcohol and drugs
Practical work, recovery position, prevention of infection
Initial survey of casualty regarding injuries
Co-ordinators:- Herbert Millar - St Johns Ambulance Service

Week 2

Fire Safety
Training in use of first aid fire fighting equipment
Evacuation procedures
Fire safety checks prior to opening of premises
Safe use of fire doors
Fire exits - why kept clear?
Co-ordinator:- Joel McBride, Fire Officer, NIFB

Health and Safety
Legislation covering licensed premises
Offences committed by premises
Practical steps to ensure compliance
Co-ordinators:- Rory Donnelly, CBC and Lawrence Wilson, CBC

Practical examples re completing incident log
Register of Door Supervisors
Signage at premises
Admission policies
Provision of free drinking water
Rest area
Joint inspection by Council and Police
Door Supervisors Code of Conduct
Co-ordinators:- Mary McKinney, CBC and Sergeant Mark Stevenson, PSNI Coleraine

Week 3

Drug Recognition and Awareness
Introduction to effects of alcohol, solvents, controlled drugs
Practical examples of controlled drugs
Powers of search and seizure
Persons underage attempting to gain entry to premises
Co-ordinator:- Constable Graham Walker, PSNI, Coleraine